Mas Ayu Saroong

Product Description:

Are you always in a rush? Tired of rushing around all the time? This Mas Ayu Saroong can stop the insanity of rushing at its best — ironless, simple and comfortable. Designed to ease every people who is on the go and in rush. Features the finest material, Premium Mosscrepe which no iron needed, stretchable and easy to wear so you can take yours anywhere. This collection can provides lasting comfort as you can wear it at anytime without hassle!


  • Awning: High quality scuba
  • Body: Printed premium mosscrepe
  • Detailing: Piping chiffon
  • Adornment: Hijabhub metal tag
  • Measurement : Bidang 55

Care Instructions:

  • Machine / hand wash, cold wash, do not tumble dry or bleach
  • Best to hand wash to avoid excessive wrinkling and highly recommended to maintain fabric quality
  • Low to medium heat iron ONLY


Colours may be slightly different due to photograph flash.